November 18, 2013



Miazu began very early in her life to be connected with music, but it was in 2003 that she started her dj career. Through out the years she has gained reputation as a highly energetic and charismatic djane, channelling strong positivity to all the people on the dance floor. Has played already in countries such as Spain , Russia, Portugal , Sweden , Austria , Hungary , Estonia, France, Germany, Serbia, Lituania, and Latvia.

She is a pioneer on Finnish psy trance scene and culture. She has played and created amazing events and brought some of the biggest names in global underground psy music scene to Finland since 2005. Under the name “People of the Butterflies crew”, founded in 2007, they organise events, festivals and release free albums and compilations.

Her amazing energy, powerful mixes and music choice will guide you through an amazing journey.


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