Magnetika Female Artist Agency has the purpose of showing the multiple artistic talents, as in music, decoration, vj, design and photography, of several national and international women that, being connected to this goals for several time, they have been showing their work with excellence and dedication for what they do.

The idea of creating this agency came up when it came to notice that every day exists, even more and more women choosing this artistic type of life, and many times nobody knows that they exist, dont show their work and hide it.

We want to show this women and their work to the world, give them strength to keep doing it and becoming even better. We build the bridge between artists and events, productions and national and international labels, that are interested in their works. In the music area we give more focus to Trance, Electro/Minimal, and also more Ambient, Chill Out, Dub and Lounge sounds.

Its our desire to keep growing even more, so we are always accepting new artists, in these areas. So every women out there that are interested in becoming part of the team, show us your work.

We are Magnetika Girls!


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