After more than a decade dancing on the other side of the booth, going to Trance and Techno events, it was only in 2011 that Julie Ann began to feel a different interest and curiosity for electronic music. Motivated by the desire to deepen this taste, her first approach explores the rhythms of progressive and minimal.
In 2013 came the first significant gigs, and almost at the end of this year she’s invited to join the promoter and label Elements, as a label Dj, collaboration that allowed Julie to expand more her deep and dub techno trend.

This approach into dub is not limited to techno, so she was present at the Refresh Festival in 2013 and the Chill Out of Utopia – Boom Landing in 2014, playing dubby chill out sets, with tribal influences.

As a progressive Dj, Julie Ann transmutes into Akasha, creating intense journeys through obscure melodies, evocative of mysterious landscapes and ancient rituals.
Along her path as a Dj, she had the chance to collaborate with well known party promoters and played in places such as Breyner85, Traçadinho (Gare Porto), Massas Club, Bergantim, Pop Fresh, among others.




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