Back to Mars

Back to Mars

Born in Brazil, Back to Mars started mixing in Holland at the underground parties of Amsterdam in 2001. She enjoys playing progressive (Zenon Recs style), psychedelic (Wildthings Recs style) and darker psytrance (Parvati Recs style), mixing these different styles if it follows the line up, while bringing the dance floor up or cooling it down.

Within her experiences, she had the privilege of playing the first DJ set of the Boom Festival main floor in 2008 for a crowd of more than 30,000 people. The energy was very high and she took the public up on a crescendo, where many styles of Psytrance were explored. It was said that her “music was really groovy and sticking people to the ground physically and mentally”!

Here are some of her nicest gigs: Boom Festival 2008 Portugal, Universo Paralello 2009 & 2007 Brazil, Mystic Ballroom 2009 Denmark, Magnetika 2 Years 2009 Portugal, Samaveda 2009 Portugal, ETC 2009 France,Yasta Club 2009 Spain, Bass Island 2008 Austria, Leoncavallo 2008 Italy, The Future is Ours 2008 Slovakia, Chianti Solstice Festival 2008 Italy, Ground Zero Festival 2007 Holland, Q-Base Festival 2007 Germany, Looney Tunes 2007 Italy, GanjaTree 2007 Belgium, Visions of Nexus 2005, 2006 & 2007 Germany, Existence Festival 2006 Spain, Planet Waldfrieden 2006 Germany, Psyevolution 2005 Hungary.
Back to Mars also wrote the article about Holland for The Trancer’s Guide to the Galaxy 2008 and in 2009 / 2010 for its new version, Psychedelic Traveller.

With the underground scene Back To Mars helped produce many parties in Amsterdam, later going into the production of the Prog as a Frog parties. She has a new project called Seven Sisters, a party with only female DJs on the decks, with the intent of honoring the Pleiades stars and female energy. As well, the Prog as a Frog crew started another project called Cosmic Freak Show, psychedelic nights to explore different styles of psytrance.

She finished the audio production course at the SAE in Amsterdam and is currently getting into producing her own sound.


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