Guapa Lee

Guapa Lee

Susana Borges aka Guapa Lee dj was born in 1986 in Portugal and music has always been a part of her life. Since a young age she had piano and guitar lessons , and by the age of 14 she began to sing Fado, a traditional portuguese music. Later on 2008, under the influence of her friend Dj Fritz, she fell in love by the mixing art.

Her dj sets are melodic, psychedelic and with strong rhythms, where we can find musics from Dirty Motion, Artifakt, Tryambaka, D-Maniac, Sick Addiction, Penta, Hyarant, Fungus Funk among others. Her wish is to experience even more and more of the psychedelic music and to show her work to the audience out there . Since 2008 she already blasted Portugal movement in several parties and festivals, like Freedom Festival.


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