Last Call

Last Call

Alexandra Urbano and Anaïs-Lin Chastres are two classical and jazz pianists that share the same passion of music and the same love for dancing. In 2012, they joined forces and LAST CALL was born.

Swinging you into the dance floor by blending cadenced rhythms and proggygroovysharpheartpumping sounds, they tell stories through their sets, travelling along complex harmonies and deep melodies, believing in taking you into a psychedelic bliss.

Last Call is based in Lisbon. They are artists of the labels Blacklite Records (Italy) and Global Army Music (Mexico) and Magnetika Female artist ( Portugal)  . They proudly performed in major festivals such asPsychedelic Circus 2014 (Germany), Freedom Festival (Portugal), Cosmic Gate 2012 (Portugal), and Old School Gathering 2016 (India),as well as many parties around the world, sharing the stage with some of their biggest inspirations such as Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Rinkadink,Avalon, Sonic Species, Shane Gobi, Captain Hook, Ticon, Neelix, Fabio & Moon, Skyfall …

The duo is now focusing more than ever on their project, developing new ideas and aiming at spreading their passion for psy-progressive trance.


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