Mamooshka has been inspired by music since early childhood.
Collecting music and makin own compilations with cassette players,
parents never got a minute of silence with music channels blustering from her room. Startet playing Piano with 6 years old, time where she started to get inspired to play the drums aswell.

Some years after she found herself getting to know a mixer and cd players and the rest is obvious, and after a couple years of practising, she was satisfied with her technical skills and she started playing in parties in the year of 2004.
In her psytrance mixes she likes to blend groovy and phat basslines with twisted and darkish athmospheres around it, but not forgetting the melody with the wicked and suprising sounds that they offer.

She has also been very active in Finlands trance scene for many years now, participating and organising partys since the late 90s.
She is one of the founders of party organising group Wider Visions and has also worked in decoration crew like Flowers Of Life.

She was born in Finland but is now based near in Lisbon, Portugal.



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