MASSIVE is the new full on, trance psychedelic solo project of Davina Elmosnino (aka SIRIUS ISNESS / DAVINA ).
Davina 29 years old was born in France but grew up in New Caledonia, a French island between Australia and New Zealand.
With a background as a Dance choregrapher and fitness instructor, Davina has been always involved deeply with music, sounds and rythms.

She started to make music in the year 2000, and released her first track as Sirius isness in 2003 .
Since then she made 3 SIRIUS ISNESS albums very well known with Max Peterson, released on important label such as Mind Control records, Phantasm recs or Moon spirits, and impressive number of tracks for compilations all over the world accompagnied of the prestigious compilation Mind Your Own Isness.

NOW producing another kind of Powerfull Trance Music for everyone who like strong production, full on leads, amazing melodies, EMOTIONAL and SEXY music, MASSIVE is ready to rock dance floor again!
All tracks are Powerfull, Massif, using amazing vocals singer of Isabelle Malchioni or Michelle Adamson… ..with a BPM range from 140 to 145.

Collaborating with big talents such as Bliss, Axaz syndrom, Cpu, Perplex, Cycle sphere, Painkiller, and lots more MASSIVE is now producing all new tracks with innovating technics and lyrics!
“NOT AN ANGEL” is her first MASSIVE album released on NUTEK records released early December 2007!
Davina has been playing Dj for years and her Live set in every part of the world in giants parties up to 15 000 people all over the world, in Brasil, Japan, Mexico, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, New Caledonia, Russia, Uk all Europe etc…

Rocking dancefloor over the past 7 years with her incredible energy on stage, MASSIVE will strike back again with her powerfull new “MASSIVE” Live set…
Get Ready for it !



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