Originally from Santiago in Chile, Moira moved to Barcelona at the age of 14 becoming the first female DJ in the Spanish psytrance scene and one of the most popular DJs around. Moira is presently a DJ for United Beats Records (Mad Maxx label / U.S.A), and part of the Magnetika Female DJ Agency (Portugal) and also the owner of Sinful Productions (Psytrance & Techno events / Bcn).

Moira was a co-founder of Materia Records (the first Spanish psytrance label) and worked with the label for 8 years. Materia records opened many doors for talented local and international artists and supported the evolution of  Full-On Trance in Spain. The experience she had with this label propelled her into new projects in the party events área such as Sinful Productions, creating events based around the freshest twisted sounds of the best electronic music.

In 2007 Moira released the compilation “Big Bang V.A” (Nutek Rec / Materia Rec) which included tracks from Painkiller, Mekkanikka, Massive, Outer Signal, Chromatone and Earthling… and in 2009, together with Massive (Davina / Sirius Isness), she released “Clash V.A” (Materia Rec) which included tracks from C.P.U, Sirius Isness, Mad Maxx, Audio Hijack and Nomad amongst others.

This lovely djane becomes a cybernetic sound surgeon when she is performing, delivering a perfectly matched mix and a great vibe to the dance floor. With a musical restlessness and a desire for continuous research into new emotions, Moira also plays different styles like Techno, Progressive and even sexy Electro sets, making sure she always brings diversity and quality music to her audience.



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