Mrs Bruke

Mrs Bruke

Barbara Starling aka Mrs. Brücke began her contact with the art´s world since she was very young because of her mother, plastic artist and actress, and her father, that was member of “Clube da Esquina”, one of the major artistic movements of the 70´s and 80´s in Minas Gerais – Brazil.

By living in middle of musicians, poets and plastic artists, the influence of art is almost inevitable, mostly when you go to brazilian instrumental jam sessions since your are baby. With 5 years old, Barbara started to take knowledge of music theory by studding piano, instrument that she studied until 15 years old. During her youth she took lessons of singing and guitar as well.
Her first contact with electronic music was made in the year of 1999 when she was travelling with her father to the south of Bahia and went to her first trance party, precisely Trancoso.

This experience changed her music concepts and opened doors to new paths to explore. During the year of 2000 she began her contact with the Djing art as “Galega”, and was one of the first female trance Dj´s in Brazil. In this same year she started developing blues, jazz and classic rock music with the female power trio “Cana Loca”. Festivals like Traceformation, EarthDance and Solaris, parties like Tribe, PsychoGarden and Coex, and clubs like Jambalah, Clube A, Klatu Barada Nikto and ID are part of her curriculum as Dj in the country of samba.

In 2003 she started to explore sonorities like downbeat, progressive house, electro house and minimal techno, being these the sonorities she actually uses in her dj sets. In this same year she begins as singer in the big band “Amigos da Onça”, and started developing her first works in the audiovisual area. In 2005, she made some vocals for the debut album “Coconutz in the Air” of the brazilian downbeats´ project “Cine Mad in Chaos” and produced several multimidiatic pieces.

When she moved to Lisbon in 2006, Bárbara returns djing minimal techno with the nickname of Harmonic Seed, and participated in some melodical and vocal constructions in the trance full on project, Holophonik. During the year of 2007 she integrated the Cocoon project, becoming one of the musical projects to make part of this label. In 2008, she starts representing MidwayStation records, as the first female artist of this Portuguese label and decides to adopt Mrs. Bücke. In Portugal, Barbara Starling played in parties like “Dream Sessions”, in one of the Cocoon´s parties, played in clubs like Xuven, Via Lactea and Via Club, invited by Mutt Records, and participated in “Solar Manifesto Festival” in Spain.


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