Chillout / Downtempo



Teresa Gabriel aka Mythofacta (singer-songwriter) does a musical-performance inspired by “Promethea” (a mystical comic book by Alan Moore), by “The Art of Dreaming” of Carlos Castaneda, the art of Paul Klee and the movie “Waking Life”.

Using a loop station, drawing dreamlike sonic landscapes, creating an auditive cenography, using the voice and the guitar to compose harmonies, like a painting that in which you add layers of paint, pursuing the perfect texture.
The concept is shamanic-timeless-impressionist-synaesthesic sound jorney, fusing the organic expression and essence of the voice, with the use of a pedal, finding a Balance between Technology and Essence.
Editing memories, making a collage of ideas, painting watercolours of philosophical poetry, surfing the ” Zuvuya”, also called “Dreamtime” by aboriginal people.

An active meditation, an imaginative journey, sound as an ancestral element. The message: to honour the forgotten divine feminine, to restore the Balance and bring consciousness and magic back in a mentally anaesthesthyzed, distorted and intoxicated Western world.


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