Liliana Pitta Groz Vermaak aka Djane Myzo, was born in Lisbon, Portugal. She is 27 years old and is one of the most promising djanes on the scene. Lili was introduced to psytrance by her cousin (DJ Liquid shape) but never thought she could become a DJ, however,after organizing a party with friends,she was “persuaded” to play and had to learn quickly”The first time i used Traktor, but imediatly i learned to use CDjs.” This young lady is signed to one of the biggest portuguese production companys, Blissful, as well as international record lables Beyond Logic(India) and Magnetika for now.
She plays South African Night Style, night full on mainly. Myzo has been playing on the portuguese scene for 5 years, always improvising on her style. Recently moved to South Africa, Cape Town where she lived at the moment and she also started producing music, and has her live act together with Hiyarant.

This project is called Hiyamyzo and they have been already internationally touring,” this project is so diferent and it shows the female influences contrasting with the male’s.” This is a project full of potential, signed to one of the best international labels, Disasterpeace Records. Since she moved to South Africa she has been playing in big outdoor festivals, has for example Rezonance, Alien safari, Beartrap Productions, Disasterpeace, etc.

Myzö as already played with artists as: Technodrome, Phatmatix, Dirty Motion, Hiyarant, Skazi, CPU, Space Tribe, Orca ,”actually,i can say i have played with all my favourite artists, besides Infected Mushroom…“


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