Natasha Salazar a.k.a as Pixie got involved with music since she was 15 years old started in the late 90′s as a vocal and second guitar of a hardcore band. Began to promote psychedelic parties in 2002.  In 2006 she began to mix music  and to make music in 2009 . She is original from California but has lived in Costa Rica for the past ten years.

Her mixes are powerful dark music also deep and atmospheric sets,  usually her sets are full with deep baselines fat kicks and twisted psychedelic sounds for a nice night trip.

She has shared stage with many artist around the world and  at the present time is currently working on her own music and one side project called Spooky Crafters that is with her partner Blisargon Demogorgon  also managing label (Bhooteshwara records) with him. Pixie is currently working on Cubase and has released two versus tracks and has two solo tracks coming for april 2012 to be released. Working also on Spooky Crafters debut album which will be released by Bhooteshwara records in the late 2012. Her music is deep and groovy loaded with lots of atmospheres going from 148 bpm to 152 and fits perfectly for the night party hours.


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