Chillout / Downtempo

Selecta Alice

Selecta Alice

Select Alice has studied piano and musical theory from the ages 8 to 18. She was a director and radio show announcer at 16, practiced theater from 2000 to 2005 and she´s a painter since 18 years old. Studied Law and she practiced criminal law for some time. Writes for magazines about music, places and culture. Was an editor at Dif magazine. Eclectic by nature and training, Selecta Alice was born from the spontaneity and love for music.

Woman of many songs and records, she started to be invited to perform in private friends parties. The energy spread and the straw basket full of wonders in vinyl format started to have public appearances. Today she is one of the most well known World Music dj set in Portugal, having already performed for fantastic crowds in festivals like FMM Sines, Boom Festival, OutJazz, among others.

The sounds of África, the Balkans, Latin America, India, and the sounds of Reggae, Hip Hop and Dub are a part of her eclectic sets. World Beat, World Music in pure state or fused.

A celebration of the dance ritual and the roots of each culture. A fusion of energies between her and the public.




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