Tamigani is a project formed by djanes Tâmiris (Spectral Records/Timecode) and Ganeisha (Nexus media/Genetic Dreams/Swing Music Agency/BuddhaMantra).This project combines in a one only dj set, the taste of this two djanes, such in the psychedelic trance area, as in ambient/chill out and also more progressive waves.

Having both their personal djing projects, they decided to combine their tastes and, in 2005, they made their first appearance in the ambient/chill out area in several nacional parties, and afterwards started their project in the trance area in several nacional and internacional parties, have both already played in Greece at the Girls Generation vol 1 partie.

Their dj sets combines, in the trance area, the night, psychedelic and involving sounds of musics of labels such as Timecode, Nexus Media, 3dvision and Nutek. In the ambient/chill out area, their dj sets involve and excel for the taste of a psychedelic chill out, that transport us to another thoughts and feelings.

In the progressive trance area, they are taking now their first steps, choosing mainly a modern and emocional type of sounds.



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