Tâmirís is Nilza Gomes. Born in Portugal, her first approach to psychedelic/goa trance was in 1998, when she started to go to parties in her country. As a DJ she started to play Chill Out music in 2002. As a member of Spectral Records she also played Chill Out in Belgium (Rakti Dei Festival 2004), in Morocco (Rhythms of Peace Festival 2005), Brazil, Spain and Italy representing her label.

In 2005 she started to play psychedelic trance in parties in Portugal until August 2006 when she was the first djane to play in Costa Rica. Since then Tâmirís has played in Spain (Existence Festival 2006), Greece (Girls Generation v.I – Athens), Italy (Time Distortion – Torino), Mexico (Blue Dreams – Monterrey and Telepathic Sounds – Torreon), besides her own country.
Now she’s the new DJ of TimeCode Records from South Africa.

In her sets she likes to play music from several labels as Spectral, TimeCode, Nexus Media, Nutek, between others. Her favourite artists are: Menog, Phyx, Pitch Hickers, Brethren, Lost&Found, Audialize, Tickets, Shift, Twisted System, Tryambaka, Khopat, Artifakt, Multistate, Slug, Azax Syndrom, Abomination, Absolum, Painkiller and Bliss.
She also have a recent project called Tamigani with djane Ganeisha from Portugal.

In the beginning of 2007 she released her first track, with Menog, on Flamencomania compilation from Nutek Records.
Most of all, she likes music with strong kicks and fat bass lines that involves and transmits feelings.



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