It was through trance festivals and underground events in 1996 that Thaty was involved in the psychedelic world, fascinated by the cultural richness and complexity surrounding it. Her line of sound is full on, psychedelic / dark, obscure sounds involved in an intriguing atmosphere that she selects with the purpose of transmitting energy and musicality. Her sets explore a sound groove and express themselves on a musical journey full of psychedelia behind a precise mixing.

It’s amazing her flexibility to create sets of transition connecting one style to another with great respect to the following line-up suggested. Creator of one of the most important privates parties of São Paulo, MORETRANCE, which reached 14 editions in 3 years, where he gathered important names of the Brazilian trance scene.

This mixture of feeling and taste of the track were the key elements that have set this Djane in a prominent position in the national electronic scene, performed at landmark occasions such as the Universo Paralelo Festival in Bahia (2008 and 2009), Festival Fora do Tempo 2009 ( Maranhão), Virada Cultural 2009 SP, Cachoeira Alta Dance Festival 2008 (MG), Tribal Space (Lisbon-Portugal / 2008) and also in indoor festivals in Spain, where she made her first tour of Europe.

Part of her history are renowner clubs as Magnolia (Arraial D’Ajuda, Bahia) FICTION (Goiânia), MANGA ROSA, CLASH CLUB, LOV.E, SPKZ, Klatu, MUSEUM, CLUB A, Zoff CLUB, Lair of the Bat (Morro Sao Paulo, Bahia), LOFT, DEEP, Karuna, Delux.e; SUNSET; Pará: Santarém Club, among others.

Quotes as the best and recent performances her sets at festivals EARTHDANCE SP 2008, Respect, Mystic Tribe, and Moretrance. In her first foray into music production, she participated in the project ALMAZONE (her partnership with KaigangLive), with a release of her remix on virtual electronic portal BEATPORT!



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