November 18, 2013

Renegade DJ

Renegade DJ

Renegade DJ had been involved in the Cape Town clubbing and outdoor scene for over 13 years before she took the next step, and became a psytrance DJ. A passion for the genre, a good ear for music and a natural flair for mixing, meant it was an easy skill to master. With a music collection that had been growing for many years, and having learnt the basics of mixing on vinyl in 1998, meant the transition to CD’s came all too easily. After only a few months on the circuit, she had already created a name for herself in the local scene, playing both in- and outdoor psytrance parties in and around the Cape. At the end of summer 2010, she set off to conquer dance floors elsewhere in the world, and relocated to London. The remainder of 2010 and 2011 she played regular club and warehouse gigs across London, as well as Free Flow Festival in Portugal. Finally in 2012, her hard work and efforts had paid off and she was signed to Alchemy Records as a label DJ.

To date, she has played alongside some of the biggest and most respected names in the industry: label boss Shane Gobi, fellow Alchemy artists Rinkadink, Sonic Species, Flip Flop and M-Theory | Headroom, Laughing Buddha & Aphid Moon (Nano) | Astrix (HomMega) | Journey/ Omsphere & Tron (Free Spirit Records) | Earthling (Neurobiotic Records) | Aliji, Liquid Ross and Hypnocoustics (Liquid Records) and electronica masters, The Orb. In October 2012, she was included in the stellar line-up that was ‘Elixir of Life Masked Animal Ball’ – including Nano artists Avalon, Tristan, Regan, Headroom, and Spin Twist legend, Neelix.  When she is not DJing, she continues to hone her technical skills, seeking out only the finest new releases and continually building on her already stellar music collection. Previously favouring daytime, bouncy fullon, she has expanded her creativity to include slower, more progressive sound – slower in bpm, but still every bit as energetic and driving as her fullon sets. Each set is a meticulously crafted journey that keeps the dance floor energised and entertained.

Her enthusiasm behind the decks and passion for the music is captivating and she never fails to impress, ensuring an ever expanding fan base – from Cape Town to London, but now also reaching into other corners of the world.



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