February 19, 2017



YATRA is Natacha Coutinho, born in 1995 (Porto, Portugal).
Since the very first meeting with the innovating technology of the new millennium the desire of mixing came upon her.
The flexibility in the musical branch gave her a diversed and refined display of songs, emerging from rock, to jazz, trip-hop, downtempo and experimental, consolidating her passion in electronic music, traveling across all genres and setting her work in psytrance around 2012. With a little help from her friends she began to learn and immerse more and more in the experience, learning all the tricks of the trade.

The more and more she went exploring the core of psytrance she began to decoding patterns, mathematically aligning the elements, getting lost in the quantum physics of sounds and melodies.
In 2015 had her first contact with cdj’s and controllers and initially began with the progressive side of psytrance, more European like Zyce, Egorythmia, Suntree, among others.
At the moment, her musical journey focus on forest and on the more slow and progressive side of dark, zenonesque. She deviates, occasionally, to paths with more smooth beats of the psychedelic branch, integrating in her playlist artists such as Tristan, Shivatree, Tesla Principle, Burn In Noise, Ital, Ajja, among others.

Some of her favorite labels are Sangoma records, Bhooteshwara Records, Hypnotique Records, Forestdelic Records, Looney Moon Records, Parvati Records, Zenon Records, Urban Antidote Records, Glitchy.Tonic Records, Insomnia Records, Insonitus Records, Sonic Loon Records, Deviant Force Records, among others.


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